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The Testing Guys

Reliance Through Compliance

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Extensive experience in the testing and verification of earth and lightning protection systems

Who we are

The Testing Guys is an independent electrical, earthing and lightning protection system inspection, testing and verification company. We offer accurate and unbiased compliance assessments of electrical, earthing and lightning protection systems, their components, the installation and its design. All testing and verification procedures and methodologies are conducted in accordance with the relevant local and international standards and codes of practice, and follow strict ISO processes.

Our Goal

Our goal – and indeed our dream – is to make people aware of the dangers that lightning possesses and faulty electrical systems, in order to transform the industry into a state of being such that safety and compliance is actively demanded. Our calling is to ensure the safety dangers and compliance – in other words, the integrity - of the electrical and life-saving protection systems.

Our Challenge

Current industry norms require that an earthing and lightning protection contractor or practitioner is able to deliver turnkey solutions, in other words, is able to design, supply and install earthing and lightning protection systems, and then certify their own work once the installation is completed.

"A substandard or damaged protection system can actually be worse than having no protection at all. And so therefore, while some might call it policing, we call it quality assurance."

We know that lightning can be potentially deadly – the worst-case scenario. Additionally, lightning can cause great damage to property and goods, as well as income loss due to downtime, which all adds up to a possibly severe economic impact. It is therefore critical to ensure that the systems are intact and fully functional.

Meet our team

Etienne Gerber

Etienne Gerber started his career in the earthing and lightning protection industry in 2015, working for DEHN Africa as a key account manager to the three largest earthing and lightning protection contracting companies in South Africa. His main roles included providing technical support, solving site specific problems and upskilling of employees. During this time, Etienne attended numerous workshops and seminars, locally and abroad (Germany) to hone his skills as a lightning protection specialist.

In 2018, Etienne founded The Testing Guys. Etienne is an active member of the SANS 10313 working group committee and chairs one of the sub-committees which has been instrumental in aiding the SABS in updating an old standard to make it fit better to South African conditions and requirements.